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Urfan Jabbarzade was born in 1948 in Sheki city. In 1973 has finished faculty of biology of the Azerbaijan State University. Almost for 35 years are engaged in herbal medicine. Very successfully cures patients with gallstone and stones in a channel of a gallbladder, kidney stones and, nephrite, prostatitis, bronchial asthma, stomach ulcer and ulcer of a duodenal gut, atherosclerosis, antritis, rhinitis and some other chronic illnesses. In total uses more than 1200 kind of herbs for treatment. In each specific case illnesses uses a combination from 80-90 kind of herbs.


 Yours faithfully,


Urfan Jabbarzade



Member of the Union of Phytotherapists of Azerbaijan

Member of the European Academy of Natural sciences (Hanover)

Head of Azerbaijan branch of  Natural Medicine Society (Moscow)



Unique medicine from herbs for a sinusitis, chronic and allergic rhinitis


Medicine with 100 % treatment guarantee. Provides full treatment. Without side effects.


Effective gatherings from herbs offered for treatment of:


  1. Bronchial asthma
  2. Liver
  3. A nephrite, nephritic insufficiency, stones in a gall bladder, in a channel of a gall bladder, stones in a kidney, kidneys` primary wrinkle
  4. Prostatitis
  5. Cardiovascular diseases, an atherosclerosis of cardiovascular system
  6. Stomach ulcers and ulcers of a duodenal gut. Pancreatitis
  7. For restoration of oncological patients after biochemistry
  8. Increasing of a milk of feeding mother
  9. Disfunction of ovaries
  10. Multinodular goiter








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